Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBQ Blog Statistics

The BBQ Blog is grateful for each and every visitor that drops by to check us out. I'm always amazed at how many international visitors the blog receives. I thought I'd share some statistics to demonstrate just how popular the sport of bbq has become around the world.

If you have a bbq oriented web site and would to exchange links with us, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

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noskos said...

I think I'm responsible for the high number of dutch visits :-)
I have my own barbecue blog, it's in Dutch though, the URL is: barbecue as you guys in the States know it is just starting to pick up.

I will add your URL when I work on my blog again.

Keep up the good work and regards,


The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks for visiting. I'll add your site to my list of bbq links.

Hogwild said...

BBQ Guy,

I've seen lots of international visits lately, too. Dutch, French, lots of Canadians, lots of Aussies, and a few others, too. What a wonderful thing BBQ is!!

Noskos, are you one of my Dutch visitors? I just started seeing a couple people from there recently.