Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBQ State Championship

I've noticed a trend developing in bbq contests. There are multiple contests that are called "state championships" in the same state.

The declaration as a "state" championship suggests that winning that contest makes you THE state champion. Imagine winning the "state championship" and later finding out that there are 4 - 5 other teams certified as "state champions" in the same state.

If the state champion from each of the 50 states advance to a national championship such as the American Royal , I'd expect there to be a maximum of 50 teams in the national championship event.

Multiple champions from each state at multiple contests that are called "state championships" kind of lessens the significance of the accomplishment in my mind.

Does the NFL crown multiple Superbowl Champions? Does MLB crown multiple World Series champions? Does more than team win the College Football National Championship?

Then why do bbq sanctioning bodies feel the need to crown multiple state champions?


Chris said...

It's more like boxing....I'm the ultra-middleweight-latino boxer in the World Boxing Association, twice removed on my mother's side.... :)

They have more belts up for grabs than Macy's.

The BBQ Guy said...

I saw Marvin Hagler on ESPN a few days ago talking about the multiple belt issue in boxing.

From a bbq organizer or promoter perspective I guess it helps draw more teams (i.e. entry fees) to the contest, which helps increase prize money.

In boxing it also helps sell more pay-per-view subscriptions and increases payout for the promoter and boxers in the end.

I still don't like it though.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I would love to see a cook off of the state champions to determine who really is the state champ.

NY has 3 this year.