Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBQ Rub Secret

Do you have a favorite bbq rub? Are you wishing that it had a little more salt flavor or wish it was a little sweeter?

Instead of buying more rub, tweak the rub you've been using by adding a little more salt, more sugar, or a little of both.

I started out my bbq hobby with Head Country All Purpose Seasoning. It's a basic bbq rub that has been used in bbq competitions with much success. In fact, I predict it's the basic formula that many, many bbq teams are using for their brisket rub. It's a little tame for my tastes, but that's easily cured by adding some white pepper, a little more cayenne, or fresh ground pepper to the mix.

For bbq spare ribs, try equal parts Head Country and brown sugar. If you don't get the results you hoped for add more or less sugar and try it again.

If you'd like to buy some of my personal brisket rub, visit You won't be dissapointed.

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Chris said...

You made me think of another good point. After 4 years, I have rubs I make for pork (hogaholics), brisket (Red's from BBQ faq), chicken (perfect poultry rub from BBQ faq), and steak (my own Montreal clone).

But if you don't try new rubs or variations of your existing rubs, you might be missing out.