Sunday, July 01, 2007

Foodio54 Restaurant Database

Foodio54, a new website that provides restaurant ratings and information, serves a two fold purpose. On the one hand, the web site helps readers find interesting local restaurants to visit through an innovative online search functionality that is integrated with Google Maps. On the other hand, readers are encouraged to "review" or "rate" the restaurants to benefit others who might (or might not) want to visit a particular restaurant.

I tried a "bbq" search for the city where I live and received no results, but a search for Tampa, FL returned 19 restaurants within 25 miles. The search returned one restaurant that I wouldn't necessarily call a bbq place (John's Steak and Seafood), but I think the site does provide a valuable service to visitors.

I always like to give restaurants the benefit of the doubt when I've had a bad experience and give them a second chance at some point. Others who are not as forgiving as I am can share their less than perfect dining experiences on the web site.

Out of personal curiosity, and as a further test of the Foodio54 search function, I performed a second search for Nashville, TN. The search returned 11 restaurants within a 25 mile radius. The search did not include some of the better known restaurants that serve bbq in the area, but since the web site depends upon input from its' visitors to populate the database that's understandable.

Check out Foodio54 and see if your personal favorite is listed and if it's not yet there, why not add it to database?

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