Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chris Lilly Cooking Class

Chris Lilly, world champion barbecue contest competitor and chef at Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, Alabama, is holding a cooking class. The class is being sponsored by the California BBQ Association. Lilly will be sharing the secrets behind his successful finishes at the American Royal and Memphis in May.

I've purchased a few of his "how to barbecue" videos and learned a lot. I met him at the Jack Daniels event a few years ago and I wholeheartedly recommend his cooking class to anyone that wants to learn the secrets of a true champion.

The cost of the class is $350 per person and $400 for couples.

Here's a newspaper article about the Mike Davis cooking class.

Competition BBQ Secrets

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Chris said...

Lilly did his class at the Blount BBQ bash here last month and I didn't get to go...At least he is cheaper than Mike Davis' class at $500 a head.

But I don't think any "class" will teach you what hands on particpation will do.