Friday, December 29, 2006

Improve Gas Mileage with Fitch Fuel Catalyst

With gasoline at $3.00 per gallon I am looking for options to improve the fuel economy of my V-8 pick-up truck and SUV. I've come across some research this week that opened my eyes.
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is an aftermarket add-on product that improved gas mileage by 34% in a 5.7 L Chevrolet tested by Advanced Power Systems International.
The test results are impressive. Invented by John Fitch, a member of the Corvette Hall of Fame and Sebring Hall of Fame, a former race driver that dedicated his life to improving vehicle performance and safety.
Fitch Fuel Catalyst is available for small engine, recreational vehicles, cars, trucks, marine, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and commercial applications.
Click here to learn more.
Less money spent on gasoline would leave more money for barbecue.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. How much are you paid for placing commercial advertisements in your blog? Do you get a premium for snake oil ads?

The BBQ Guy said...
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The BBQ Guy said...

Before I respond to your question, I'd like to clarify that I usually don't publish anonymous comments.

I feel that those who choose to throw stones should at least have the decency to post their identity. When I post critical comments on a message board, another blog, or in an e-mail I always use my own name -- my real name. If I make an accusation, I make sure I can back it up with facts.

To answer your question....

I don't receive any compensation for any of my blog posts. My posts are based upon my own personal interests and about subjects and products that I find interesting.

I do receive compensation for Adsense advertising if readers choose to click on one of the Adsense links.

If you're questioning the integrity of this particular product, I'd suggest that you read the published reviews of the product before you dismiss it as "snake oil".

None other than Hot Rod TV, Four Wheeler Magazine, Muscle Car Review, Sport Truck, The Auto Channel, Hot Bike, Road and Rider and others reviewed the Fitch products and published positive comments in their publications.

I have no personal experience with the product, nor did I endorse it in my post. I merely commented that the test results were impressive.