Thursday, December 28, 2006

BBQ Chicken Video

I discovered this video on You Tube tonight that documents one method for barbecuing chicken on a Weber kettle grill. It's not the way I would do it, but it's a bbq video nonetheless and since this is barbecue blog, I thought I'd share it for pure bbq entertainment value, if for no other reason.

The opening shot shows a kettle grill, a bag of Kingsford charcoal, some lighter fluid, and a charcoal chimney. I would not recommend using lighter fluid and instead prefer starting my charcoal with the charcoal chimney and some crumpled newspaper or a fire starter stick. I also prefer Royal Oak lump charcoal versus the Kingsford. If you do a taste test, I think you'll agree that lump charcoal is superior.

I also think the chicken skin is incredibly dark--too dark for my personal tastes--but maybe the video is distorting the color of the chicken skin and making it appear darker than it actually is.

Here's another bbq video from You Tube that documents pork rib trimming and preparation. I'll offer a disclaimer again as with the chicken that this is not how I do it, but it's certainly "one" way of approaching it.

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