Sunday, December 17, 2006

How to Roast a Pig

"Three Guys from Miami" have a web site that details the art of the Cuban-style pigroast.

The website includes a 10-step method for roasting a pig with tons of pictures to walk you through the entire process from finding the pig, cleaning the pig, building a roaster, cooking the pig and flipping the pig.

The website also includes a "pig roast hall of fame".

This method is very similar to the method used by some old timers in Tennessee that helped turn me on the goodness of tender, juicy, moist barbecue pork almost 15-years ago.

Here's another source of pig roasting information from the Virginia Cooperative Extension that details spit roasting, underground and above ground hog roasting. also has a Pig Roast Manual that details how to roast pigs for profit.

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