Friday, June 02, 2006

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

I have not yet owned a ceramic knife, but you know what they say....never say never.

I've been checking out some sales literature passed out at the Bodacious Blues BBQ Contest a few weeks ago and am intrigued by the advertised quality and versatility of the kives.

The purchase of Kyocera knives comes with "complimentary sharpening" via the company's Irvine, CA offices. Customer's pay the shipping and handling and the knives are professionally sharpened. The brochure says the ceramic blades hold an edge 10-times longer than a traditional knife.

Ceramic knives are advertised as "50% harder than steel" in the sales literature.

I haven't taken the time to investigate prices for the KT-155-HIP-D, or the KC-130-WH, or even the FK-100-BK, which I must admit would look mighty nice in my bbq supply cabinet, but I assume that knives of this quality are not inexpensive.

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zastros said...

I have heard that they are very brittle. Smack the edge against the wrong thing and it's chip-city.

Adam said...

My father has one of these and was showing it off. The package claimed the knife to never get dull. I wondered how that was physically possible ... considering thermodynamics and all.

They look cool, though.