Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Apple Barbecue Festival

The BBQ Guy's roving barbecue reporter is at the Kenny Chesney aka "Hillbilly Rockstar" concert at the Good Morning America show as I write this, but plans for tomorrow call for a visit to the Big Apple Barbecue festival in Madison Square Park. Here's an article on the festivities from the New York Sun and another article from the

It sounds like she's having a great time in New York so far. She's trying to stick to the subway as much as possible to conserve funds for eating bbq (priorities you know), but from time to time she has had to resort to cab rides due to time-of-day considerations.

Hopefully if everything goes as planned I should have some pictures from the bbq event posted later this weekend, or by the first of the week at the latest.

She also said something about going to check out Virgil's BBQ near Times Square.

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