Sunday, June 11, 2006

Big Apple BBQ Pictures

My faithful bbq correspondent has come through again. These pictures were taken yesterday at Big Apple BBQ in New York City.

Here's an account of her experiences after one week in NYC.

Howdy everyone!!!

I have survived my first week in New York City. And wow, has it been interesting. I got lost on the subway for the first time, I took a cab at midnight, I saw Kenny Chesney, Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson. I met Robin Roberts (she said my accent was cute). I had the most amazing cupcake of my life, and I saw my first Broadway show.

Last night, we saw "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels", it was a musical about two con men and it was phenomenal!!! Yesterday, we also went to the Big Apple BBQ and you will never believe this, but they were actually running out of BBQ. By 4:30 p.n. there was only one vendor still selling pulled pork (sorry Uncle Brian, but I'm just not a fan of brisket). There were so many people at the BBQ- they had live music and all sorts of other stuff.

Friday night, we went and had wonderful cupcakes at The Magnolia Bakery- I think it is very renowned, rumor has it is has been on the Food Network. After that we went to "The Meat Packing District", which is supposedly a hip area of Manhattan. I found that hilarious, and could not say it with a straight face.

Today we are off to see the World Trade Center and then later tonight, we are going to stake out the red carpet at the Tony Awards, and while I'm not fluent in Broadway goings-on, my roommate tells me Julia Roberts and Oprah will bethere (that sold me).

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