Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brothers BBQ - Ypsilanti, Michigan

Linda and I made a trip to Cabela's in Dundee this a.m. and on the way home stopped by Brothers BBQ for lunch. Located at 2925 W. Michigan Ave between Ypsilanti and Canton, the restaurant has reopened in the former location known as Mothers. Besides bbq the restaurant also serves fried chicken, shrimp and hamburgers.

We each had the pulled pork sandwich, which is served on a submarine bun and is available in 8 inch or 16 inch sizes. The sandwich is served on a toasted bun and also comes with fries and coleslaw. The meal cost $15.65 for the two of us. The portion sizes were generous and the service was timely.

The pulled pork did not have any visible smoke ring nor did it have any smoke flavor to provide evidence that it was actually cooked over a fire, but the generous portion size made up for what it lacked in southern-style pulled pork flavor.

We didn't go away hungry.

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