Saturday, February 11, 2006

BBQ Team Names

What does the choice of a team name say about the personality of a competition bbq team?

I've spent some time thinking about this lately and without even trying hard I've come up with 40+ team names that start with the name "Big" and another 18 that start with the word "Beer" or have "beer" in their name.

Do teams that choose to promote their preference for beer in their team name drink a lot of beer when competing? Do they barbecue for the fun of it, or are they serious about winning? Do they all own liquor stores, or do some work for beer distributors?

Are teams named "big" comprised of "big" people? Are their egos bigger than the average team, or do they just have "big" BBQ ambitions?

There are at least 100 teams that have the word "smokin" in their team name and at least another 150 bbq teams with the word "smoke" or some other variation of the word "smoke" in their team name. Close to 450 teams have the abbreviation "BBQ" in their name.

The BBQ process creates a lot of "smoke", so I guess that is an obvious connection and I'll bet most of them actually use a "smoker" to cook with whether it's a log burner, water smoker, pellet smoker, cooker, oven, rotisserie, upright, or any of the other popular marketing terms used to describe the tools used for creating the samples for turn-in. The prevalence of "BBQ" makes sense because it certainly fits better on a team banner or sign than "Barbecue", "Barbeque", or "Bar-B-Que"; and there's never a question of how to spell it.

There are at least 6 with a "dot com" (.com) in their team name that most likely have their own web sites about their cooking business or hobby; and 16 more have the word "guy" in their name. Do the teams with "guys" allow females to cook with them? Are they at the bbq contest to get away from their wives? Did their wives kick them out of the house for the weekend? Or, are they just being humble and are partial to generic descriptions?

There's about 80 with the word "grill" in their name.

Do these teams "grill" their briskets, ribs, and pork butts during contests, or just their chicken? Do they really use a "grill" for competition? Do they all even own a "grill", and by the way is it gas, electric, or charcoal fired?

These are just some of things I think about when "I'm wishin' I were cookin" and it's snowing and raining outside just enough to make firing up the cookers a miserable proposition on a Saturday afternoon.


"The BBQ Guy"
(just a humble-run of the mill- ordinary- average-middle-aged-mid-western redneck)

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