Friday, February 03, 2006

Barbecue, Blues and Music You Can Use

Barbecue and Blues Music go hand in hand with me. They are two of my favorites things to do in Nashville-- eat bbq and listen to blues music.

Stacy Mitchhart is a rising star in the blues community and has been featured in magazines and on television not to mention at blue festivals across America.

I first discovered his music at Bourbon Street Blue and Boogie Bar in Nashville about 7 or 8 years ago. For those recognize the name, Gretchen Wilson used to be a bar tender there. They have live blues music, 7 nights a week.

Stacy was working with the house band there and played pretty much every Friday and Saturday for three or four years straight. He's had several CD's out with a new one scheduled for release very soon.

I think there is an article coming out in one of the industry's guitar magazines very soon that will feature Stacy on the cover.

He just returned from doing 3 shows in NYC with the legend himself, B.B King.

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