Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bill and the Dixie Chicks

I noticed today that Bill and Nina from "Bill and the Dixie Chicks" competition barbecue team are publishing a web site. It's got some nice pictures of their pellet cooker, some turn-in boxes, bbq recipes, their cook-off trophies and awards, and a variety of other candids.

Linda and I used to cook with Bill and Nina in the Kansas City Barbeque Society and Florida Barbecue Association events in Florida. They're good people. If you see them at a barbecue contest, stop by and say hello.

I recall one time at a contest in Ockochobee, FL (our second bbq contest ever), Bill was set-up in the site next to ours and noticed that I was struggling with spare ribs preparation and offered some advice that I use to this day. He showed me how to trim the spares "St. Louis-style" and demonstrated the value of a very sharp knife for this process.

Bill and Nina also offer a bbq contest "experience" that you might find valuable.

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