Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fantasy BBQ League

I've been working on the Fantasy BBQ League for the upcoming 2007 KCBS competition season.
My attempt at fantasy bbq will be fairly simple. I'm developing an Excel spreadsheet to keep the tally from contest to contest and will include the following 10 contests in this year's league:

03/08 - 03/10 2007 Mobile, AL
Mitchell Co. BBQ Championship & Hog Wild Festival

04/20 - 04/21 2007 Bentonville, AR
Fire Up Your Grill, Benton County Ducks Unlimited

05/03 - 05/05 2007 Huntsville, AL
Whistle Stop Festival & Rocket City BBQ

05/18 - 05/19 2007 Sevierville, TN
Bloomin' Barbeque & Bluegrass

05/18 - 05/19 2007 Kansas City, KS
2nd Annual Oklahoma Joes BBQ Cookoff & 2007 World Brisket Open

05/25 - 05/27 2007 Kansas City, KS
Great American Barbecue Contest

06/07 - 06/09 2007 Des Moines, IA
Great Pork BarbeQlossal

06/15 - 06/16 2007 Bardwell, KY
Kentucky Big Rivers BBQ

06/22 - 06/23 2007 Lawrenceburg, TN
Wild Turkey Bourbon TN State Championship BBQ

06/29 - 06/30 2007 Albertville, AL
The Taste of Freedom Barbeque Cookoff

Limiting the league to 10 contests will make it more attainable. Unfortunately, I'll also have to limit the number of participating teams to a maximum of ten.

Scoring for a win in any of the four traditional KCBS categories:

First place = 10 points
Second place = 9 points
Third = 8 points
Fourth = 7 points
Fifth = 6 points
Sixth = 5 points
Seventh = 4 points
Eighth = 3 points
Ninth = 2 points
Tenth = 1 point

Scoring for an overall champion or reserve grand champion victory:

Grand Champion = 2 bonus points
Reserve Grand Champion = 1 bonus point

Points will be recorded according to the order of finish posted at the KCBS web site.

To "enter" your team for a particular contest, bbq team managers will need to submit their picks for a particular contest 24 hours prior to the event. The BBQ Forum's traditional "roll call" discussion can assist in allowing managers to know who's participating at a particular event.

If you'd like to participate in the league, or have suggestions that will help me maintain the league, please send me an e-mail or post a comment by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of this post.

At this point my league has 3 participants signed-up. We need 7 more.

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Curt said...

I may have gotten my blogger comments mixed up... I'd love to do a fantasy league for this... It would be fun.