Saturday, January 06, 2007

Plans to Build a Cold Smoker

How to Build a Cold Smoker and Smoke Sausage Like a Pro

Wedliny Demowe has a website that is one of the best "how to" cook smoked meats I've read in quite some time.

The site's primary focus is on making sausage and it covers the in's and out's of meat selection, curing, mixing, stuffing, drying, smoking, cooling, and storing sausage. There's a lot of pictures of the entire sausage making process from start to finish. It's basically a sausage makers' encyclopedia of the basics of sausage making, which covers about 50% of the sites content. The other 50% of the content focuses on the techniques used to smoke and cook meat.

There are plans to build a concrete block smoker using prefabricated 8 x 8 x 16 concrete masonry blocks without using mortar. You don't have to be a brick mason to build a very nice smoke house. There are a lot of diagrams and explanation for the theories behind fire pits including explanations of draft, baffles, and grates.

The site has a large photo gallery with smokers and fire pits in every imagineable size, shape and construction technique you could think of. The gallery features metal sheet cold smokers, brick and stone smokers, and other home made vertical barrel smokers that are every bit as effective as anything you could buy for up to about $1,000 from a manufacturer.

As I've always said....if you want to learn to smoke meat go to the source. Well folks, Wedliny Demowe's web site is a pretty good source for cold smoking.

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