Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Six Degrees of Separation" -- Barbecue Style

Linda and I attended the Cycle World bike show today at the Rock Financial Expo Center in Novi, Michigan. They had a Newmar motor coach on display that was called the All Star Cycle Hauler Edition. Newmar is a premium manufacturer of motor homes and luxury coaches. The slide-outs open up at the rear of the coach and you can ride your motorcycle up a ramp and store it inside the coach (no trailer to tow behind). All of this is available for the low, low price of $255,000.

When Linda saw this she immediately thought of the possibilities for an "All-Star Mega BBQ Edition". She envisioned running smokestacks through the ceiling for smoke ventilation. I've taught her well, haven't I? We purchased two Mega Millions lottery tickets last night, so now all we have to do is win and Linda can have a rolling bbq palace (wink, wink). We could do some serious damage with a $122 million budget. I think I could even make due with the $50 million that might be left over after paying all the taxes.

I have a 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic V-Twin and haven't been able to ride much this winter, but seeing the new model Harley's, Victory's and various other customized show quality motorcycles on the display has me yearning for spring time again.

This "V2K" Motorcycle Cruiser Project Bike was built by Stephen Garret Design (

This Argo 8 x 8 Amphibious ATV would make a great bbq vehicle. It's powered by a "4 cycle overhead valve V-Twin liquid cooled 674cc, Kohler Aegis LH 690 engine with electronic ignition, solenoid shift starter, fuel accelerator pump and full pressure lubrication" . This ATV is just what the serious barbecue enthusiast needs for those "backwoods barbecue events".

Can you imagine the customized paint job these guys could put on a bbq smoker? My Backwoods Party would be unrecognizable with one of these high dollar metallic designs. This $250,000 award winning customized Yamaha V-Star called the "Nehmesis" was built by Sam Nehme at BMS Choppers in Florida.

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