Friday, October 10, 2008

New Weber Smokey Mountain

According to the folks over at the Weber Stephens Company is going to introduce a new, bigger, WSM this month. The current 18 1/2 inch WSM that is 41 inches tall is great. I have one in the garage, but a new 22 inch version would even better.

I haven't seen one yet, but the new model promises many additional features that bbq cooks are going to love.

The door is supposed to be bigger to offer better access from outside the cooker and there is a new mechanism that will help the door seal tighter.


CoalGrilling said...

I would love to try a large smoker, I haven't done so before. Currently I have both a kettle style and a barrel style grill and I use the kettle (weber)style defiantly the most here in Denmark because I store it each time I'm finished and its easy to move around. Its also just a great all around grill for indirect and direct heat grilling. I use a Chimney style starter because its soooo easy, I was so happy once I bought it because it just works every time and wind isn't a problem with it. I use Charcoal briquettes and always read the label; I make sure that there is a proper content declaration and that the wood used is coming from a renewable resource and that the manufacturing and import process is CO2 neutral.

I have some tips and videos on my website: you are all welcome to view and comment on all the entries.

Does anyone have any good smoker videos I can link to?

BBQ lover said...

That is one good-lookin smoker!

Love the blog - I am a BBQ nut, and you have some really good content!

Will have to try some of your recipes also.