Monday, January 21, 2008

Jack's Old South Cooking School

I'm not able to make it to the next scheduled Jack's Old South Cooking School on Feb 29th, but in case you're interested here's some more information about the agenda and schedule for the school.

The school will start out with a dinner at Myron Mixon's home in Unadilla, GA on Feb. 28th. Saturday, March 1st, Myron will begin with whole hog and then move into brisket, chicken, ribs, and pork shoulder (butts). Myron will cover every aspect of the cooking process from sauces, rubs, injections, and meat prep along with tips on the final presentation of bbq product for the judges. The class will conclude Sunday, March 2nd around 3:30 p.m.

A three-time world champion, Myron has the bbq credentials that most bbq competitors aspire to achieve.


Eric Devlin said...

It's sad to say that I was totally ignorant of this class. Is it run by the owners of the store? Is it open to the public? What sort of fee is involved?

Do the attendees stay a nearby hotel?

It sounds very cool.

Eric Devlin

The BBQ Guy said...

Myron Mixon is the head cook for the cooking team and multiple time world champion at Memphis in May.

I believe the fee for the class is $750 for one and $1,000 for two.

I believe the class is taught at his home. I don't believe there will much time for sleeping. At these classes they normally spend most of the time cooking and "simulating" a bbq contest.

Sorina said...

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jim said...

Don't plan on getting the sauce or rub recipes for that $750. They are not included.