Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vacuum Sealer for BBQ

I just finished vacuum sealing the brisket I cooked today. It will keep just fine in the freezer until I'm ready to serve it.

For storing bbq more than a day or two, I think a vacuum sealer is one of those "must have" tools of the trade. The vacuum sealer will keep things fresh and storage is a breeze.

When it's time to serve the 'que, I'll thaw it and reheat it in the microwave or in a crock pot.


Anonymous said...

If you're into vacuum sealing, you should try the handier Vacu-Seal, which is cordless and handheld. It also uses reusable bags that can go in the dishwasher and microwave.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree with you more. I like the Vacupack brand vacuum sealers.
My favorite is the Vacupack Elite.