Sunday, January 13, 2008

BBQ Triple Crown

The Florida BBQ Association is sanctioning the FBA Triple Crown in 2008. The triple crown includes contests known as "qualifiers". The accumulated points garnered in these events will be used to choose the top 10 teams from each group of 3 contests. The top 10 teams from each state will be invited to the FBA Triple Crown Championship to be held in December 2008.

Visit the FBA website for all the pertinent details.

The FBA recently held it's first event of 2008 in Sebring, FL. Congratulations to Bub-Ba Q and for their first and second place finishes!

To see the entire finishing order and the team of the year standings, visit the Team of the Year page.

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Eric Devlin said...

Great post! I enjoy reading about regional associations. They are able to offer more personalized service to organizers and competitors than the KCBS.

I wonder if the efforts of organizations like the FBA or NEBS has a negative impact on the amount of events that get sanctioned by the KCBS.

I think that like most things in life, it's a mixed bag. A large, strong organization like the KCBS is necessary for the growth of the hobby, but they may miss the regional idiosyncrasies that regional bodies can offer.

Eric Devlin