Saturday, August 19, 2006

Caldera Tall Boy

My neighbor just returned from the East Coast last night and brought back the Caldera Tall Boy from a visit to the BBQ Guru's headquarters in Philadelphia.

It's pretty sharp. It's nearly the same height as a Backwoods Party smoker and it's powder coated inside and out. I've seen it up close and it's designed very well. I can tell those cookers are manufactured with a great deal of precision. The charcoal pan seems small, but with the temperature control I expect it's enough for ribs and probably enough for a couple pork butts. When it's cold outside I suspect you'd have to refill it at least once when cooking more than a brisket or couple of butts, but it might prove me wrong. The cooking chamber has double wall thickness, but it's not insulated.

It's big enough and deep enough to hold the standard size aluminum foil oven pans used by catering folks and readily available at the local Sam's Club. He chose the "Competitor" temperature control unit.

I just might have to add this to my "wish list" in the future, but right now I particularly favor the originally designed, Caldera Del Fuego, but I haven't seen it up close and haven't cooked on it either.

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