Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beef Eaters Guide

Food Network just posted a series of articles that beef fans everywhere can appreciate--a series on buying, serving, and eating beef. Pick your favorite beef whether round, sirloin, rib or chuck and you'll find a recipe for it.

The series discusses organic beef, aged beef, resting beef, in a "Meat Eater's Guide" and includes 22 beef recipes. Barbecuers everywhere will want to pay real close attention to the ones on aging and resting beef (wink, wink), especially brisket.


Anonymous said...

Hey, "The BBQ Wife" got no credit for sharing this Beef Eaters Guide with "The BBQ Guy". I feel so underappreciated!!!

The BBQ Guy said...

I and regular readers of this bbq blog definitely all realize that without the assistance and guidance from "The BBQ Wife", "The BBQ Guy" wouldn't be possible. Thanks.

Curt said...

Who is it that assists whom? I thought "The BBQ Wife" was the brains behind all this!

The BBQ Guy said...

She's definitely the brains of the bbq operation. I'm lucky to have her to keep me in line.