Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to BBQ

The BBQ Guy and The BBQ Gal have been entertaining The BBQ In-Laws for the past few days. We haven't cooked any low-and-slow bbq for more than a week and plan to get back at it soon with a rib cook scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

The BBQ Mother-In-Law visiting from Tennessee this weekend ordered some bbq ribs at O'Charleys on Saturday night after our visit to Greenfield Village. I didn't have ribs, but the baby back ribs she ordered looked pretty good. She commented that compared to the ribs I cook, they were absent of flavor, but I did notice that she cleaned meat from the bones pretty well and the ribs pulled apart easily with just a minor tug of the fingers.

We had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed the Vintage Baseball game between the Greenfield Village Lah De Dah's and the Mt. Clemens Regulars played under the rules in effect circa 1860.

We also made a trip back to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan near Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. The restaurant on the premises had bbq pork on the menu, but the only cooker I saw must have been a Baker's Pride Charbroiler gas grill. It was under wraps and didn't look like it's been used much, so I'm not quite sure whether the bbq pork is cooked on premises or brought in from another source. I can't quite imagine how you can produce bbq pulled pork from "propane grill", but I've been surprised before. I'd have to see it to believe it though. As gas grills go though, I must admit the Baker's Pride is a fine example.


Curt said...

Brian, are you going to be in Madison this weekend? We're not competing, but my wife and I are judging.

The BBQ Guy said...

We're not going to make it this year. Our next cookoff will be in September at Sand Lake.

Judging sounds like a good idea. We're planning to do more of that in the coming year too.

Good luck with the humidity and heat this weekend. Last year it was 100 degrees in the shade and no wind at all.