Monday, December 05, 2005

World Championship BBQ Video

Inside The World of Championship Barbecue, and BBQ Secrets: The Master Guide To Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin’—together as a set—will help you succeed in barbecue competitions, and to become a better barbecue cook.

Inside The World of Championship Barbecue takes you inside a major championship competition. Filmed at the American Royal Barbecue in Kansas City, you will gain solid tips from among the top barbecue cooks in this sport. Loaded with valuable information covering the entire (KCBS style) competition process, this movie is intended to help new competitors chart a winning course to victory.

In BBQ Secrets: The Master Guide To Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin’, 3 world champion barbecue competition cooks, and restaurateur’s, share their unique approaches to barbecue cooking. Learn how to apply the authentic “low and slow” methods to making pork ribs, shoulder, chicken, whole hog, beef brisket, and more. Master the art of making spice rubs and marinades, and how to use different woods for proper flavoring. This award-winning DVD offers a wealth of expert knowledge not readily available from other sources, and includes the champion’s own private recipes.

I have arranged a special purchase price for these two videos for visitors to my web site. To purchase the videos for a package price of $44.90 plus $7 shipping, send me an e-mail. View my BBQ Catalog

The videos make great gifts.

One little tip I learned in these videos earned me more than $1,500 in prize money last year on the bbq circuit.

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