Thursday, December 15, 2005

BBQ Pork Picture

This bbq pulled pork scored well for taste and tenderness at a KCBS event, but appearance suffered due to misplaced and out-of-symmetry greenery I believe.

I've been threatening to stop using lettuce for my pork turn-ins, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

For me, pulled pork is hard to get situated in the box because it's not all the same size and shape.

Chicken on the other hand, is much easier.


Anonymous said...

So appearance isn't appearance of the meat as it should be. It's really presentation and whos lettuce looks the best. Another reason in a long list of reasons why competitive BBQ sucks.

The BBQ Guy said...

It is a challenge for sure. It takes the complete package--taste, tenderness and appearance. Luckily for bbq competitors, appearance is easiest to control of all the factors that make up the winning entry.