Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pork Butt Barbecue

We're hoping to take a few days vacation (if the tropical weather formations cooperate).  Linda suggested that we whip up some pulled pork to take along for sandwiches and reduce our dependency on eating out and to minimize prep time and allow more "vacation time".

Today, I am barbecuing two bone-in-butts on the Weber Smokey Mountain.  We're meeting another family and a nephew or two might join us too. Ten pounds of pulled pork should do the trick perfectly. 

These butts were injected with a mixture of apple juice, honey, and Bad Byron's Butt Rub.  More rub was applied and then the butts were refrigerated overnight for cooking this morning.

As bbq goes, pork butts are very low maintenance.  Put them on the cooker. Check back in 4 hours. Wrap in aluminum foil.  Check the internal temp after 3 more hours and they'll be close to done.  Easy, simple, delicious.


Randzig said...

very simple! have you posted a how to for pork butts before?

The BBQ Guy said...


Thanks for stopping by. I did a post about a test cook I did using an Alton Brown recipe. You can access it at the following link: