Saturday, June 26, 2010

KCBS in Kansas City Newspaper

I ran across a link to this article about KCBS today.  What an opportunity to showcase the sport of bbq to 1,000's of readers throughout the Heartland and maybe the world. Somehow I think this article does more to talk people out of trying to compete in bbq contests than encouraging it. 

The article talks about branding, sponsorship, and insinuates that it's expensive and people in their 20's maybe can't become involved for that reason unless they team up.  But, hey if you're in your 30's and 40's maybe you can.


I'm not a professional marketer and I don't work in the public relations industry, but I am sure there was a better way to answer the question about future leadership in the KCBS than talking about Japanese cooking styles.  Why even bring up the part about drinking beer?  Is that something sponsors are looking for when they consider spending money sponsoring teams or events? 

I've got a suggestion. Perhaps the KCBS should spend more time encouraging younger participants by providing tools, classes, and training for those who choose to use it to find ways to make the sport more affordable via branding and sponsorship.  After all, isn't a bbq society about promoting common ideas and developing enthusiasm for cooking bbq?

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