Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BBQ Smokers, iPods and Androids

My wife has had an iPod Touch - known for it's ability to run Apple applications from iTunes and access the web anywhere there's a wireless connection available - for 12 months. I've had the Droid Eris, which runs Google's Android software applications for two weeks and I've have realized that there's not a huge difference between them.  Both run neat applications that provide entertainment, education, and time savings.  Both will access the Internet. And both cost roughly the same.  I'd give a slight edge to the , but only because it also makes phone calls possible, but that's really an apples and oranges comparison (pun intended).

It's easy to make a similar comparison between the Backwoods, Stumps, or Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) smokers and the various derivatives.  All are upright smokers with the removable cooking racks configured vertically. All are easy to cook with and will each prepare excellent bbq and make fire control and temperature maintainence very easy.  All have options that incorporate the use of water and steam in the cooking process.  All allow the user to add charcoal while cooking without too much trouble.

But here's where the apples and oranges thing comes into play....

The Backwoods and Stumps are insulated smokers. The WSM is not.  Accessing the water pan in the Backwoods and Stumps is easily accomplished.  The WSM requires a funnel or hose in order to add water while cooking.  The Backwoods and Stumps provide easy access to the meat as it cooks.  Accessing meat on the upper rack in the WSM is as simple as removing the lid, but accessing meat cooking on the second rack requires removal of the upper rack.

I'll give the WSM an advantage overall for home use because it's cheaper, lighter, and easier to store. Now if Weber will just add an option that allows me to make phone calls and surf the Internet while cooking I'd be first in line to buy one!


Anonymous said...

You do realize that you're comparing a $300 smoker to others that are more than 4x the cost? In your analogy it would be like comparing the Droid Eris to a MacBook laptop... not an iPod.

The BBQ Guy said...

I agree. That's my exact point. For $300 the WSM is a much better value, especially for home use. I own three smokers -- WSM, Backwoods, and McCullough. When I purchased the WSM 10 years ago, I paid 1/10th the cost of the custom made insulated McCullough that I use.