Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Tennessee

I'm enjoying a week in Tennessee visiting my in-laws who live near Manchester. It was 12 degrees this morning and is currently 19 degrees. The forecasters are predicting warmer weather tomorrow - 29 degrees. To quote Linda from last night, "There's something to be said for living in Florida during this time of year."

Tomorrow, we're going to take a drive up to Nolensville to visit my sister-in-law. I've been trying to find an excuse to visit Martin's BBQ restaurant since I found his blog two years ago. I've enjoyed reading about his experiences - good and bad. I'll try to take a couple of pictures while we're there.


ULIKA BBQ said...

I'll be at Martin's today as well. I plan to be there around 11:30 or so.

The BBQ Guy said...

It was nice to meet you today at Pat Martin's place. I always enjoy putting a face with a name. Also, thanks for visiting my bbq blog.

I enjoyed meeting Pat and hearing more details about his experiences as he started Martin's BBQ.

I had ribs, most of my family had bbq pork sandwiches, and my sister-in-law had the redneck tacos. I was tempted to try the Slug Burgers, but didn't...maybe next time. They definitely sound interesting.

Chris said...

You did visit Tennessee when it is cold as [enter you own colorful term here]. Hope you liked Martin's.