Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make Your Own Bacon

Alton Brown has a recipe called Scrap Iron Chef's Bacon.

He made a cold smoker out of three book lockers/gym lockers, flexible tubing used for venting a dryer, a fan from an old computer connected to a battery, some alumimun foil, a cast iron skillet and some wood chips for smoke. He used a Polder digital thermometer to make sure the temperature was monitored. He advised not let the temp in the smoking chamber rise above 80 degrees. He is the MacGyver of food.

If you've never watched an Alton Brown episode of Good Eats, check it out some time on Food Network.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I have used the method.

P.S. Does this vlog have an RSS feed?

The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks for visiting my bbq blog.

I've added a site feed link to the links section of the blog home page.

Chris said...

I've got to find that episode, would love to see the lockers.

I just smoked a batch of cheeses for gifts for the neighbors. We vacuum sealed a half dozen 1"x1"x4" pieces of cheese (a variety), put a pack of quality wheat crackers on top and then wrapped it up in red or green cellophane.

I did them on the BGE using about a handful of lump and apple chips, keeping the temp at 85f for 1 1/2 hours. I had to replenish the lump and wood a few times. Turned out great.

TC McRae said...

Will have to check that out. Alton Brown is one of my favorites.