Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weber Smokey Mountain - Bargain Price

During the course of the last three years, I've noticed the price of WSM's inching up little by little on I purchased my original smoker for $179.99 from a local hardware store in Winter Park, FL several years ago.

Just when I thought the days of cheap WSM's were over, Grill Doctor Online Store put WSM's on sale for $179 -- again. The Weber smokers have a 10-year warranty.


Anonymous said...

Warning: I ordered a WSM from Grill Doctor on March 21st and, other than the automatically generated order confirmation email, have yet to hear from them. Thus far, they have ignored two emails from me inquiring about the order status. I'm about to call them to complain and, quite possibly, cancel my order.

The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep us updated with how everything turns out.

And, just to clarify....I am not affiliated with Grill Doctor, nor have I ever talked to anyone at Grill Doctor. I just saw their website and it looked like a good deal.

If your issue is not resolved soon though, let me know and I'll take the link off my website.

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to calling the toll free number, and customer service assured me that they would receive a shipment of grills tomorrow, which means I should receive my WSM within 3 or 4 business days. I'll let you know whether or not that actually happens. I didn't bother to ask why no one returned my emails. Obviously, they received tons of orders for these things. I was just happy to get the response I did.

Anonymous said...

I cannot emphasize enough how much I dislike Grill Doctor. Four ignored emails to Customer Service and two phone calls promising me my grill in 3-4 business days later, I wish I never did business with this company. Both times I called, I was promised it would be on its way, and both times was lied to. The second time I called, over a week ago now, I was told that the shipment of grills they were expecting turned out to be kettles, so he would personally drive himself to the warehouse or whatever this past Monday to pick up the shipment of WSMs and ship them out, mine included, that day. Funny, because I still don't even have a tracking number, and I placed this order, as I said above, on March 21st. They didn't even ask me for my order number either time that I called, simply said it would be there in 3-4 business days because I am in New Jersey. I wish this company would have even an iota of integrity and be honest with its customers about availability, but they clearly just want to take as many orders as possible regardless of their ability to deliver on them. Had I known this a month ago, I would never have ordered from them and simply bit the bullet and paid the $249 Home Depot was charging at the time and I would have my grill in hand by now. Very frustrating.

I wish you would leave this info up on your blog so that others can be warned not to do business with this company, but I suppose that is up to you.

Thanks for listening,
Lisa from Lawrence Township, NJ

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally received my WSM just yesterday. After my latest emailed rant, I got a phone call last week saying it was on its way. And, oh, since their website hasn't been updated in four years, the shipping price was actually going to be closer to $50 than the $28.60 they originally quoted. Nevertheless, it is here and I am happy.

Ironically, the fire inspector pays us a visit today. Good thing I haven't assembled it yet. If he shuts us down, I'm prepared to move!

-- Lisa