Monday, March 31, 2008

Four Versions of the Same BBQ

MSN City Guides posted an article recently exploring The Four Corners of BBQ. I've eaten bbq in Memphis, but Kansas City, Texas, and North Carolina are still on my list of "to do's".

I've had mustard sauced "chopped" bbq pork in South Carolina, and the combination K.C. and North Carolina-style vinegar flavored bbq that is popular at several out of the way locations in Middle Tennessee. Some were good and some were not so good, but all were distinctive and noteworthy interpretations of this all-American food.

I had ribs at Rendevous a few years ago. For me, Charlie Vergo's place is as much about the "experience" as it is the food. When our friend parked the car and started walking down what almost passes for an alley toward the unassuming entrance, I wasn't too sure I'd follow.

We were there on the weekend of the annual Arkansas vs. Memphis State football game and waited more than two hours for our seat. During the entire waiting period we were treated (or tortured) with the oink, oink, oink that goes with any rowdy gathering of Razorbacks.

I don't really remember many specifics about the ribs, but I enjoyed the visit overall. If you're looking for bbq in Memphis, you have to check out Rendevous.

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Chris said...

I have a jar of Rendevous rub that I used with the offset. Haven't tried it with the egg. It was ok, but I prefer my other rubs. With theirs, they tell you to smoke the rib first (without rub) and THEN add the the rub and some lemon juice at the end (or something weird like that).