Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sixteen bottles of bbq rub and counting recently posted a survey about the number of open bottles or bags of bbq rub. I quickly responded without actually counting them and chose "six". My wife was reading the bbq forum this afternoon and asked me if I had responded to the survey.

I quickly said, "Yes."

Next, she asked, "How many do we have."

I quickly said, "Six, or seven. I didn't count them."

A few minutes later she counted them all and came up with the following list:

The BBQ Guy Original
The BBQ Guy Southern Rub
Smokin Guns Mild
Bad Byron's Butt Rub

Head Country
Willingham's Mild
Billy Bones
Blues Hog
Home BBQ Beef Rub
Home BBQ Rib Rub
Home BBQ Sweet Orange Habernero
Chef Paul Prudhomme's
Watkins Grill Seasoning
McCormack Grill Mate St. Louis Style
McCormack Grill Mate K.C. Style
Lawry's Chicken and Poultry

And a few others that may or may not be used for bbq cooking.

Wow, I had no idea. Truth be told, I'd like to try a few more!


Tropic-Al said...

I have at the moment 17 opened bottles of assorted bbq stuff

Chris said...

10 opened

1) Billy Bones original
2) Billy Bones comp
3) Billy Bones beefmaster
4) my pork rub (Hogaholics clone)
5) my steak rub (like Montreal)
6) my poultry rub (from Smoke N Spice - the Jamisons)
7) my brisket rub
8) Weber's burger stuff
9) Rendevous rib rub
10) Yuctan seasoning from Williams Sonoma