Friday, March 07, 2008

BBQ Pork, Beef, or Chicken- It's All Good

A newspaper columnist for the Sun-Sentinel, asked me to join his bbq discussion at Mr. Cruz has a long standing feud with his friend Greg Lewis about the finer points of bbq and whether brisket wins out over pork for bbq supremacy.

Here's a re-print of the e-mail I received today from Ralph De La Cruz:

Hello, Brian.

My name is Ralph De La Cruz and I'm a Lifestyle columnist with the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in South Florida.

I wrote a lighthearted column about a local barbecue place that's trying to create a little peace on Earth by offering a mix of styles such as Texas beef and North Carolina pork.

That led to a fun blog item asking folks to weigh in on which style is best. So, when I came across your excellent barbecue site, I thought I'd invite you and your 'cue-versed readers to take part in the discussion.

If y'all care to educate us on the fine points of Memphis ribs versus Carolina pork or Texas brisket, come to and sound-off.

Read my comment here, and feel free to share your own opinion.

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