Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fantasy Barbecue

Millions of football fans around the world have been waiting more than 6-months for this weekend to finally arrive. It's a chance to redeem themselves for last year's performance in their respective fantasy football leagues. I've been in a league with some current and former co-workers now going on the fifth year and it's a blast. We have 14 teams this year and a true international flavor with teams from Australia, Canada and United States.

If I had the programming knowledge to pull it off, I'd be the first on the Internet to offer a "fantasy bbq league" complete with a draft, playoffs, and "super bowl". (If anyone reads this and has the knowledge to make it happen, please contact me.)

A popular bbq discussion forum recently documented more than 80,000 visitors to check out the list of bbq competitors that qualified for and were selected to compete in the Jack Daniels World Championship BBQ Contest in Lynchburg, TN later this year, which is a testament to the popularity of the sport.

There's fantasy leagues for baseball, basketball, football and NASCAR, why not Fantasy BBQ?

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