Monday, May 12, 2008

Pictures of Caldera Tall Boy

Here's a picture of my neighbor's Caldera Tall Boy.

It's a nice, well thought-out design with a real "finished" look. The powder coat is real slick and the metal was cut with precision tools made to exacting standards similar to what you'd expect to see in the automotive or aircraft industry.

I know I'm going out on a limb here since I don't own a Caldera or a pellet cooker, but I believe the construction is as good or better than the pellet cookers I've seen.

Based on Linda's reaction to it when she saw it, I think there might be one of these in my future. She likes the knockdown design and lightweight aspects of the construction. I think I'd favor the original Caldera version due to the increased cooking capacity, but for back yard cooking and light competition duty, this one fits the bill.

I'd be proud to add it to my cooker collection.

Here's a picture of the electronic control mechanism that makes the Caldera function in true "hands-off" mode. Just set it and forget it. This unit is called "The Competitor Power Draft". As I understand it "The Competitor" is the middle-of-the-road model sold by BBQ Guru.

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