Monday, May 05, 2008

National Barbecue Month

According to the NBBQA and the HPBA, May is National Barbecue Month.

Barbecuers and grillers around the world are gearing up for summer time cooking. In preparation for the season, I spent some time cleaning my Weber Smoker Mountain this weekend.

It's surprising how a little elbow grease and some hot water can change the inside of a barbecue cooker. Periodic cleaning of your grill or smoker can prolong it's useful life. I use plain old dishwashing liquid, hot water, and a couple of clean rags to wipe down the inside and outside of my smoker. I avoid harch solvents and cleaners because I don't want that stuff near the food I eat.

When all the dirt and grime was gone, I placed the smoker in the direct sunlight for a couple hours to dry before reassemblying the smoker.


Randzig said...

I googled "kansas city bbq blog" and this is what it came up with. You're at the top!
Anyways, I just bought a used Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker off craigslist so I'm brand new to this deal. Do you know where in the metro I can get quality meat? I'm in Lee's Summit. Figured I'd do a brisket and maybe pork ribs.

The BBQ Guy said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit the bbq blog.

There are a lot of people who visit here from the K.C. area that might have different opinions, but I recommend Sam's Club. You can purchase the traditional barbecue meats there and with the multiple locations -- it's very convenient.

Randzig said...

Hey thanks. Yeah we have friends who have a Costco card so maybe we'll check them out. I'm a suscriber now!