Sunday, January 15, 2006

Propane Powered Cookers and Steamers

If you're a caterer, restaurant, or serious back-yard cook and you're looking for a propane powered cooker or steamer that's easy to use, transport, and maintain, you need to check out Outdoor Culinary Supply.

Various cooker models include the Behemoth, Bare Bones, and Patio. The company also offeres two kinds of steamers: Steamer and Mini-Steamer.

  • One dedicated 40“ burner – 46,000 BTU’s
  • Double side “warming” burner with individual temperature controls
  • Professional grade stainless steel grill – 42” by 48” cooking surface
  • All aluminum, I-beam constructed trailer
  • Aluminum hood includes hydraulic lift springs for easy opening/ lifting
  • Easy to read 5” diameter thermometer dial
  • Two propane cylinder racks
  • 13” tires with galvanized rims
  • Aluminum storage box on side

Bare Bones

Different modifications were made to the original Behemoth, creating a streamlined model featuring a shorter trailer, smaller tires and fewer overall accessories. This “Bare Bones” model still features the same cooking surface and burning element as the Behemoth.


Made of the same quality materials as the Behemoth and Bare Bones cookers. Dimensions: 26” Wide, 54” Long, 42” High and Grilling Surface: 28” x 19”

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