Thursday, January 26, 2006

Barbecue Music

It's no surprise to me that barbecue has been the topic of several popular songs over the years. Most recently my favorite is by Charlie Daniels, "Little Joe and Big Bill", a song about a Texas dance hall and barbecue emporium. I don't know whether the place really exists, but if it does it sounds like just the place I would enjoy going. The song was never a mainstream hit, but it's been a big hit with diehard fans of the Red Neck Fiddlin' Man.

"Little Joe and Big Bill"

They got a dance floor the size of Texas
They got a band seven nights a week
And if you don't show up before the sun goes down
You ain't gonna find a seat

They got some grown up Texas ladies
That's made their papas proud
They like their music country
And they like their country loud

Well, every Saturday night before they turn down the lights
And the band stars pickin' hot
They start dancin' on the tables
Dancin' on the ceilin', dancin' in the parking lot

You start fellin' it flow from your head to your toe
And you sure are glad you come
Down to Little Joe and Big Bill'sDance hall and sugar hill bar-b-q emporium

When it comes to southern cookin'
They know what it's all about
They got some bar-b-q ribs and red beans and rice
Make you tongue snap your eyeballs out

And you don't wanna 'cause no trouble
Buddy 'less you're willin' to die'
Cause Big Bill will stomp a mud hole in you
And Little Joe will walk you dry

Well there's a cowboy's dream in tight blue jeans
Swingin' through the swingin' doors
And there's a long tall cutie scootin booty
Out there on the floor

Well I guess it's time to get in line'
Cause they house is startin' to hum

Down at Little Joe and Big Bill's Dance hall and sugar hill bar-b-q emporium

Well every Saturday night when they turn up the lights
When it's just about time to close
The fiddlin' man takes the bow in his hand
And start rockin' San Antonia Rose

When you're walkin' out
There ain't no doubt that you sure had a whole lot of fun
Down at Little Joe and Big Bill'sDance hall and sugar hill bar-b-q emporium
Down to Little Joe and Big Bill'sDance hall and sugar hill bar-b-q emporium

I attended a concert this past summer in Dearborn, MI and was awed by the talent and longeivity of the man. Ever the entertainer, Charlie Daniels gave the audience all they wanted and more.

Here are a few other songs about barbecue that I could find via a quick internet search:

"Riffin' At The Bar-B-Q"
"Struttin' with some barbeque"
"I Love Bar-B-Q"
"Barbequed Ribs"
"Bar-B-Q Sauce"
"Barbecue Any Old Time"
"Neck Bones & Hot Sauce"
"Beale Street Bar-B-Q"

I'm on a mission to add these songs about my favorite past time to my CD collection. If you know of other "barbecue" songs and want to share them, please post a reply.

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