Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mustard BBQ Sauce on Ribs?

City Grocery from Oxford, Mississippi was featured on Good Morning America recently. Chef John Currence was in New York City for the Big Apple BBQ event held last week. John Currence, aka BIG BAD CHEF, is the 2009 James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef South

Part of the bbq segment featured Cheaters Backyard Baby Back Ribs. Most ribs I've ever eaten or smoked were rubbed with spices, salt, and sugar; then sauced with a tomato based sauce containing salt, brown sugar, cumin, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. The "Cheaters" ribs from City Grocery were slathered in a mustard sauce like I've never eaten or seen before.

I've looked on the GMA website, but haven't found the exact recipe for the mustard sauce, but the segment did explain that "cheaters" comes from wrapping the ribs in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil and then cooking them on a bbq smoker.

To read more about City Grocery, you can read their blog here.

If you would like to try to make a mustard bbq sauce for your next rib cook, has a nice looking mustard bbq sauce recipe that might be worth a look.


Chris said...

I've done mustard sauces on pulled pork and chicken, but never ribs. I might have to try that out.

BBQ Grill said...

Got to say I've not had pork ribs with mustard sauce, but generally pig + mustard works good.

I'm not sure about wrapping anything in plastic before it goes in a barbecue though

The BBQ Guy said...

BBQ Grill,

I've personally never tried it, but a lot of chefs with better credentials and more experience do use plastic wraps as a cooking tool. Here's a video of John Currence accepting the 2009 James Beard award for southern cooking: . It's kind of hard for me to second guess its use.

Jim Smith said...

I roast a whole pig every year and since I had a request for mustard sauce (from a South Carolina visitor), I created one based upon a recipe I found. But the one you referenced sounds much more robust than the one I served. I think I may try that one this summer. Thanks!


jordan said...

I work on the crew for good morning america, and after that segment we all ate the endless pile of ribs.

I wanted to tell you those mustard ribs were amazing. A very different but wonderful flavor and I wish I could have them again.

m said...

Ever Heard of Mrs Griffins BBQ sauce oldest mustard based sauce in the south made in Macon GA it is killer!!/MrsGriffinsBBQSauce