Monday, June 18, 2012

Barter for BBQ

AE's newest television series Barter Kings has given me an idea - Barter for BBQ. 

For anyone in Belleville-Canton-Plymouth-Livonia area of Michigan...I'd be willing to trade day of barbecue lessons for something of equal value. We'd cook chicken thighs, pork ribs, pork butts, and beef brisket using competition methods and of course we'd sample each and you would leave with a vacuum sealed bag of each of the leftovers.

This session has a $450 - $500 dollar value and includes the cost of all the meat (12 chicken thighs, 3 racks of baby back or spare ribs, 2 pork butts, and a packer brisket).

Anyone intersted?


Robert Hewes said...

I've nothing with which to trade, but if I lived in your area I'd sure as hell pay that much for your lessons!

bbqluvr said...

I'd love to take you up on the offer but same problem, I'm nowhere close to Michigan. What type of barbecue grill do you use? Have you considered offering your mastering the barbecue grill lessons in a video format? I'm sure many of us would benefit from your expertise.