Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness BBQ Spare Ribs

My favorite basketball teams haven't done well in the tournament this year, but it was a nice excuse to cook some pork spare ribs on Saturday. I used rib racks to easily cook 5 racks of ribs (roughly 10 lbs) in my WSM. Using the rib racks, cooking 10 racks of St. Louis cut spares is possible in the WSM (roughly 20 lbs of ribs).

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Chris said...

I see you're using Chicago Meat Authority ribs. I just started using theirs last month because I can get a case of 5 pretty cheap from Gordon Food Services that just opened here in Knoxville.

My Tarheels are still in it after a close one last night, but my overall brackets really took a dive this weekend. Have a great weekend, Brian.