Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Butlers BBQ - St. Petersburg

Linda and I stopped by The Butlers BBQ today on the way to a festival in St. Petersburg.  This is not the typical bbq fare you find in Florida. If you like lots of brown sugar, honey, molasses, corn syrup, and other sticky gooey "stuff" in your bbq pork sandwiches and ribs, then you're in for a surprise. 

If you like to try different styles of bbq and get bored eating the same old same old every day, then you need to try Butlers BBQ.

Chopped bbq pork.

Pork ribs

I had coleslaw and baked beans with the chopped pork.  The coleslaw was pretty typical, but the baked beans were unique. I believe they use coffee in the recipe. The baked beans were pretty good and again different than what I'm used to.

Linda had collard greens and green beans with her pork ribs.  The green beans were not quite what she expected, but the collard greens were excellent. I think she liked them better than the ribs.

This bbq is seasoned with vinegar and red pepper flakes.  I've tasted similar flavors in the Carolinas and Tennessee.  It's served that way and there is a red sauce on the table (but I did't really need it).


AyoMikey! said...

I just stopped by a a place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that had some damn fine BBQ. At first I was hesitant because, well NYC isn't really known for it's BBQ. This place had the most amazing beef brisket though! I was surprised and I wasn't aware that they're actually a well received BBQ joint. I probably didn't notice initially because I don't frequent NYC often. I read this blog that reviewed it and I believe there's a NY Times review as well. Either way I think you should check it out and let everyone know what you think!

AmandaRose said...

SmokeShackBBQ is a really great place to try in Daytona too!

Greg Urbano said...

Can't wait to go try some, being a St. Pete resident we could always use another BBQ joint! Thanks for the heads up and I'll try to post some photos on my blog after trying some!