Sunday, July 18, 2010

BBQ Spatchcock Chicken

I barbecued a spatchcock chicken today and made a video of the entire process.  If the term spatchcock is a new term for you, it simply means "to prepare (a dressed chicken) for grilling by splitting open" (definition courtesy of

I used a recipe from the Smoke & Spice bbq cookbook (page 175) called Birds of Paradise and a 3 pound cornish rock chicken grown "free range" at The Dam Ranch near Bradenton, FL. And, if you're in the mood for a laugh or two, take a few mintues and check out Brewster the Rooster on their web page.

The recipe uses a marinade of garlic cloves, mint, parsley, cilantro, salt, and olive oil coupled with a basting mojo juice made from orange juice, lime juice, garlic cloves, cumin, oregano, salt, and more cilantro. I marinated the chicken overnight in the refrigerator and then cooked it on my Weber Smokey Mountain.


Chris said...

You actually did another video? You are braver than I. The first one killed me! I might try doing another one later but it's so much effort.

I'm a big fan of Smoke and Spice so I'll have to try this one. The Jamisons know their stuff, don't they? That rub/paste looks vibrant. How did it all come out?

The BBQ Guy said...

Well, in the words of Billy Jo Shaver, "You've got to keep trying. Try and try again."

The chicken turned out well. The spatchcock method really speeds up the cooking time. I think I'll keep cooking my chicken this way in the future. The recipe was different. I like to try alternative recipes when I can.

I think Smoke & Spice is the best bbq recipe book that's ever been written. If you haven't tried their slow smoked hamburgers, you're missing out.