Thursday, July 22, 2010

20 Hours to Cook Pulled Pork?

Occasionally I like to watch bbq videos on  Tonight while waiting for Linda to get home from a board meeting I stumbled across a bbq demonstration video that promised to explain in every detail the step-by-step process for making wonderful pulled pork sandwiches.  The video had more than 8,000 views and has been on since July 2009 so it must be pretty good, right?

I hit the "play" button and started watching the first video (actually part 1 of a two part series).

I didn't make it through the entire 9 minute and 31 second clip.  About 2 minutes in the video host explained that he was preparing to bbq his $27.09 bone in pork butt roast weighing 6.956 lbs for 12 - 14 hours on his ceramic bbq cooker.  I actually re-wound the video a little to make sure I hadn't misunderstood - Did he really just say 12 - 14 hours? Yep. Confirmed it.  

I didn't catch the price of the pork butt the first time through. - Did he really pay $27 for one pork butt? Yep. Confirmed it. And it's clearly visible on the packing label. I can buy two for that price in my neck of the woods, but it's obvious to me that the video host must live in an area where the economy is doing much better than my local economy here in Tampa.

I think I'd have to switch to barbecuing some other kind of meat before shelling out $27 for 5 lbs of meat (cooked weight). Did he mention he lives near Oakland, California? Yep. Confirmed it.  All those news stories about how the failing real estate market and massive numbers of forclosures have decimated the state and local economies throughout the state must have it wrong.

Well, I stopped the first video there and re-heated some leftover pork I had in the refrigerator for my supper. But I couldn't stop thinking about the video I had just watched. After finishing my supper, I just had to watch Part 2.

I watched the first minute or so and the video host explained he'd be using a ceramic cooker equipped with an expensive digital temperature controller and some kind of golf club that spews out propane to light the charcoal and fancy wood chips he was using.  It was 10 p.m. and he'd be back in a hour to get the thing cooking.

At that point, I skipped the next 9 minutes or so and fast forwarded to end of the video to get the bottom line up front.

He cooked the pork butt for 20 hours! - What happened to the 12 - 14 hours from Part 1?

Then he asked the audience to overlook the bark and promised that it would still taste good.  - What? No way I'm even thinking about eating that.

He pulled out some hamburger buns and slathered them with what looked like 1/2 the bottle of bbq sauce.  - Not really 1/2, but I'm in disbelief at this point. It honestly seemed like 1/2 as I felt like hyperventilating. (Maybe it was really just a 1/4 of the bottle.)

He then added some cole slaw and some orange colored hot sauce. Look out, he said, it's really hot.

I must be doing these bbq things wrong. Some of the best bbq pulled pork I've ever made was cooked on a cheap water smoker, with cheap charcoal, and cheap wood. I don't use a computer to control my cooker temperature. Oh, I see... I'm using aluminum foil after four or five hours.

I've got to start getting less sleep and spending a whole lot more money on bbq gadgets and gimmicks. I can't wait for Linda to get home and let her know (lol)!

Am I really getting this cynical as I grow older? Yep. Confirmed it.


Robert said...

A ceramic cooker, computer thermostat, and propane lighter? What vintage of Bordeaux did he serve with it?

Chris said...

20 hours for a 7 lb butt? Was he cooking it at 190f or something?

Don't give the guy too much grief, after all, it's not BBQ without the sauce, right? (Laughing, ducking and running before Brian throws something at me)

Greg said...

Methinks he has overcomplicated the entire thing.

Pork + smoke = GOOD. You can cook it in a modified trash can and get an awesome meal.

Anonymous said...

I have seen that price on shoulders when they come from the organic or specialty farms. One can opt for 2 six lb. shoulders from the warehouse store for like 16$ too. Depends on where you shop, the orgin/quality of the pork, and if that is important at all to the buyer.

homebbq said...

Your just getting old Brian.. ;-)


The BBQ Guy said...


Linda says I've been cynical for years so I guess it's true....I am getting older.

Nick said...

That's pretty insane! Awesome blog, glad to see fellow barbecuers promoting real barbecue. No need to have crazy equipment as long as you have some know-how.

-Nick, Sizzle Grove Barbecue Blog

Chef Gulzar said...
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