Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stubb's Charcoal Briquettes

I grilled some bison burgers tonight and used Stubb's Charcoal Briquettes.  I've used these briquettes before and have no real complaints.  I think it works better for grilling than low and slow bbq cooking.  It seems to cook quite a bit hotter than the Royal Oak lump or briquettes that I usually use.

By the way, if you've not visited Stubb's home on the World Wide Web, I'd urge you to check it out. I've seen their products in grocery stores for years, but not really taken time to learn the story behind them.  I'm a big Stevie Ray Vaughn fan, so I enjoyed reading about the restaurant "in the beginning".  Pretty interesting for sure.


Chris said...

I've wondered about that when I see it at Lowes. How is the ash production compared to lump and other briquettes - do you think it would clog up an Egg?

The BBQ Guy said...

Hi Chris,

I think the Stubb's briquettes leave much less ash than Kingsford briquettes. Based on my experience the Stubb's briquettes do leave a little more than lump charcoal.

I roasted a whole chicken yesterday and was very satisfied with the results from the Stubb's briquettes.

Stubb's Legendary Kitchen said...

Thanks for the feedback, The BBQ Guy, and for giving our briquettes a shot. Have a great weekend!

Charles said...

I lived in Lubbock from '78 to 83. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Subbefield(sp) and eat at his place. there was live music and good times. He was under appreciated . Not sure how he would react to the Mythology/promotions being done in his name.