Friday, March 25, 2011

La Caja China - Semi-Pro Model

I've been following La Caja China roasting boxes online for many years.  Their roasting boxes sure have come a long way since I first read about them.  From a simple wooden box for $199 to a full-fledged catering quality set-up they recently announced for $1,250 - there's a grill for every budget. (The Semi-Pro Model is made from aluminum.) Here's a picture.

This new model has all the same distinct capabilities as the original La Caja China model #2, but an updated sleek look - diamond-cut metal exterior, steel angle legs with powder coating paint and bolt mounted handles - and some new bells and whistles like the drain valve, that makes it even easier to use. Inside measurement of the box 48x24x12, outside measurement of the box 60 l x 25 w x 39 h. weight is 120 lbs.


Chris said...

Although this one is clearly more advanced technologically than it's predecessors, I have to say it looses a bit of the charm that the wood boxes have.

Perry P. Perkins said...

I have several models of La Caja China, including the new Semi Pro, and I have to say that the "ooh factor" for guests goes way up with the new one.

It's not just about the diamond plate, though...Roberto had also included some great new features and upgrades with this one, my favorite being the new drain system. You turn the knob and pig broth pours out...that's what God's sink must be like!

Hey, I post a lot of articles and recipes for La Caja China on my blog, drop by sometime!

Thanks for the post,


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a caja china in Tampa?

The BBQ Guy said...

I checked the corporate website and here's a link to their distributors:

Unfortunately, it doesn't list any distributors on it right now.

Carl said...

My original model 1 needs some new pieces (ash tray and charcoal grate), which I've ordered. What are the new features of the semi pro that make it worth the $$$? Like the spigot for juice removal and what is the new ash removal system they mention? Don't see where they can put the ash or do you get a steel bucket with the unit?

The BBQ Guy said...


Here's a list from their website:

Top Grill (2), Wind Deflector, HD Charcoal Grid, Reinforced Charcoal Tray, Smoke Pistol, Smoker Thermometer, Wood Cartridges Combo, Ash & Charcoal Disposal system, Set of hooks and Chain (to clamp meat in the racks).

Judging from the pictures, it's a much nicer looking unit.

Latin said...

Nice post. You may also like these tips for Roasting in a Caja China style Hog Roaster here

Ray said...

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