Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs

We took a short drive down to St. Petersburg yesterday to visit the Saturday Market in the parking lot of Al Lang Stadium.

We purchased some fresh organic green peppers, oinions, and tomatoes and taste tested food from several of the vendors.  Fresh is always better, so we added some chicken to the mix and I fired up the grill.

The fine folks at McCormick and Lawry's sent me some Lawry's Szechwan Sweet & Sour bbq marinade and Tuscan Sun Dried Tomato marinade last week. I decided to try the Szechwan on the kabobs. 

I marinated the chicken in the Lawry's bbq sauce for about 4 hours and grilled everything using lump charcoal.  The marinade added a slight Szechwan heat to go along with the sweet and sour flavor.  I don't know the chemistry behind it, but the chicken breasts were very moist and tender. 

If I do this again I will sear the kabobs over direct heat and then move them into an aluminum foil pan or wrap. I think this will prevent the charring that occurs when the marinade begins to burn over the direct flame.

I can't wait to try out Lawry's Tuscan Sun Dried Tomato marinade on some pork chops next.


Chris said...

Very creative B! I liked the Szechaun too. I didn't have any burning of the sauce but I had mine on a raised grid instead of close to the heat source.

Be careful with the Tuscan Sun Dried because that did get a little dark (same temp of 350, cook times, and grid position) compared to the Szechaun.

We really liked the flavor.

The BBQ Guy said...

We had the Tuscan Sun Dried last night on pork chops. It was also very good. I had some leftovers tonight and I think it may have even been better the 2nd time around.

I'll definitely buy more.

The Scott Family said...

Sounds Yummy. I am a big fan of Lawry's.

Masonry BBQ said...

Jeez they look good, made me hungry now! :)
I'm having a bbq this weekend and these are my favourites, they look exactly like how I make them!
THanks for the reminder to make sure I do them this week!
Great blog too, will keep visiting now i've found you! :)